Noragami Aragoto cosplay guide

Hiyori is a regular middle school student until she became involved in a collision with a bus in the course of helping someone else. This incident causes her soul to regress out of her body and she is aware of that there exist two distinct worlds one of which is the Near Shore, where regular humans and creatures reside and the Far Shore, where demons and human souls are abound. She encounters Yato, a strange and unknown god, via her soul.

Yato is determined to get a name that is well-known Encanto Costume He’ll spend five yen from Hiyori to repair his body. Along with Yato’s Regalia -which is a weapon derived from a dead human’s soul and given the name by the god of the time -the – Yukine The trio goes through many adventures battling their identities, friendships, and the past.

Let’s look at the fantastic roles.


Yato is a war god who would like to build his own shrine. Yato was once considered a god of catastrophe. He is clad in his scarf, tracksuit and is known as Yato God (Yatogami) Nier:Automata Cosplay

He refers to himself as an “delivery god” and is known to write his phone number in public areas , in case anyone requires his assistance. Five yen is the standard price he charges for prayer at a shrine. Yato is a fool who invests his money in good luck charms and scams promising satisfaction. As a person who isn’t a fan of violence Yato “stopped” being considered a god for calamity. People tend to forget about him. This results in Yato experiencing athazagoraphobia (the fear of being ignored).

Hiyori Iki

Hiyori, a human girl in the high school’s first year (10th grades) is Hiyori. Her uniform is purple.

Yato is saved from a bus accident and then she transforms into an Half Phantom. She willfully falls asleep as her soul slips out of her body. Yato requests her help to help her come from the limbo of the realm of the afterlife and the physical world. In consequence she is spending longer with him, and he becomes the closest person to her, to the point that she can identify his scent. Hiyori refuses the cut of her Yato-Hiyori connection, in spite of it being her only chance to be normal. She is worried that it will make her forget about him. As she nearly drunkenly kissed Bishamon the God of War It’s possible that she has feelings toward Yato. Hiyori has a relationship of sisterhood to Yukine who she tutors him whenever he wants to learn. Hikyori Iki as the main character and narration in the story is particularly well-known in the manga.


Yukine is the current Yato Regalia. He is a charming man wearing a cute hat, and yellow hair.

His Regalia name is “Sekki” . His Regalia form that is a katana is his. Yukine died at a very young age, leaving him without the normal teenage life. Every time he makes a mistake or commits any offense, Yato suffers injuries. Yukine is Yato’s master , however, he does not revere Yato in the same way that Yato truly respects him. After being saved by Hiyori and going through an ablution He becomes more loyal and highly loyal to Yato and wants to be a perfect Regalia for Yato. Yukine is the treasurer of Hiyori’s existence and is concerned that Hiyori might forget about them. Yukine becomes a Blessed Vessel after he saves Yato and proves his loyalty to him. Then he adopts the form of two katanas.

You can cosplay as the characters in this comic , if you like it. There are many costumes that are available. Noragami Aragoto cosplay costume Shop including the protagonist’s costumes, kimono and Bishamon’s costume.

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