Chaos Dragon Cosplay Guide

The story unfolds in Huanli (the year of Dazzling) 3015. D’natia and Koran are two countries who are fighting for supremacy and are creating chaos in the world. In the midst of the turmoil is the island nation Nil Kamui, which has lost its independence. Red Dragon, Nil Kamuiā€™s protector God, is unable to control the country Professional Cosplay Costumes For Sale

To achieve this, the elites from the three nations formed a group called the “mixed investigation team” The fate of the island nation will depend upon them…

This anime adaptation from the game is loved by the majority of people.People enjoy different characters for various reasons, such as the character’s ability and personality, or even their clothes. Let’s review these roles together Captain America Cosplay


He has short, white hair. The overall look is mostly white and red.

A gentle boy who takes care of the children at Neil Camsey’s Orphanage on the island of.

Neil Kamsay once ruled Neil Kamsay’s “Huang Dynasty”.

This is the reason that he was a “child of contract” with Neil Kamui’s guardian dragon “Red Dragon”.

He was able to kill his enemy however not at the expense or the soul of his friend.


A girl belonging to the revolutionary army of Neil Camsay’s independence.Responsible for the guard of Neil Kamyi’s royal family.

This adorable little girl is wearing an all-black dress.

The race is a “contact” race that is associated with the monster in an exclusive way. They share their lives with the gigantic canine-like beast “Val” who has been injured by both eyes.

You are able to live like a beast until the meeting with Revolutionary Army.


The eyes of the creature are destroyed. it is a monster of huge dog form and bat wings.

Connected to Eiha via a unique way and sharing my life with her.

It permits Eiha to lie on his back, and fly up in the air. He could also be utilized as a combat partner.

To eliminate the enemy, it utilizes a large minion.

The cloth that was used to cover the damaged eyes was put in with the flowers that were picked by Eiha.

Swallow Cratsvalley

He was the fallen military aristocrat of Donatiya and the young knight of Black Dragon Knights, the most powerful organization in the nation.

He was born with a curse that would crush any objects in his hands, and was sent to prison at a young age.

It is destroyed if it is used. Mashiro will lend his assistance until the food is finished.

Mashiro Sagura:

A woman who acts as a slave to Swallow.She wears a long skirt.

Swaallow uses props instead of throwing away the objects. Swaallow has the curse of crushing. He will not swear.

She also heads the Chabett Chamber of Commerce and manages the property belonging to Cratsvalley’s family.

Lou Zhenhua:

Monks who have arms are part of the religious group “Eight Claws”.

To possess the will, the sword which can absorb the soul of the person it slayed “Qisha Tianling” is removed, and it is called the Highness of the Holy.

The name of the assassin that buried every kind of target in the dark world isn’t known.

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