The Professional Guide to Scarlet as a Costume Witch

Wanda Maximoff is a teen born with alien DNA, created by a mad scientist who plans to create superhuman humans that can ward off advanced AI and superhumans in the film Avengers: Age of Ultron. Wanda excels in combat and is blessed with mental abilities, like the ability to manipulate energy and telekinesis as well as telepathy. This makes her known as Scarlet Witch. In Captain America: Civil War she was introduced as a member of the Avengers and joined the Captain America team as a part of an Iron Man division Devil May Cry Costume The Scarlet Witch is a great character as she’ll do anything for those she is passionate about.

Our cosplay guide will provide you the details needed to design the perfect MCU Scarlet Witch costume.


Wanda is a diminutive thin and thin woman who has curly, long hair. Captain America: Civil War features Wanda in a long, leather coat with an open front and roll collar. This Scarlet Witch costume is one of many seen in a variety of Scarlet Witch pictures. The amazing coat is made of high-quality washed leather, that has a shiny and stylish look Black Widow Cosplay Costume The inner faux leather lined with flannelette leather provides warmth and ease. Its tailored look is achieved by the stitched detail at the waist. Its striking hot red hue is a fashion bold statement. The Scarlet Witch cosplay costume has the most shiny zipper on every cuff. It is fashionable and cool.


The vest is made with a thread lacing that runs across the entire front. Additionally, it has a decorative rivet in the lower part. This mimics a corset style. The black zipper hides the thread underneath. The vest is constructed of identical material, however it’s precisely tailored to fit the coat. The fitted vest will make you leave a deep impression on all guests at your Halloween parties while wearing the Scarlet Witch cosplay costume.

Leather Pants

The pants are made from high-gloss polyurethane leather that is the contrast of a black. The pants are fully-length and made of spandex fabric, which means you won’t have to fret about their length or size. They aren’t just wonderful to wear as a Scarlet Witch cosplay costume, but you can also wear it to create a different character’s cosplay costumes. With quality material and nice sewing, it is also possible to wear it to work.

Shoe covers

Scarlet Witch is always ready to fight. That’s why she wears black combat boots made from leather. As seen in America: Civil War the boots are knee high and are decorated with many belts and the highest. If you purchase footwear online there is a chance that you’ll be restricted by the wrong size or fitness issues. Think about shoe covers. They will keep the original look while combining it with your shoes and you will be perfect in Scarlet Witch cosplay costume.


For a final touch, go for fingerless gloves with an open back panel with buckle detailing and finger-less gloves. The result will be a captivating sight. They’re made of the same fabric as the coat and match perfectly with it, so that you will not be able to distinguish between your original costume or the one you own.

Nowis the time to fight those who once were our acquaintances. Keep your faith and remain resilient. Find the original Scarlet Witch cosplay costume on We have a range of top-quality costumes for cosplay, with fast shipping and inexpensive prices.

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