Passion In 2015-Two Classical Men Chronographs

After a long vocation, then it is time to back to work. When the light travel through the window, then getting a new watch to make your life busy. Chronograph watch could make you experience speed and adventure, and arouse your passionate heart. So here we have four different chronograph, they are powerful, or vintage look, or fashion,etc. Every piece of this art work is your perfect companion.

IWC Chronograph IW371401
IWC never produces watches in large quantity, so until now it still keeps its philosophy, which is that produce less watches but make them perfect. Portuguese has been a most favored watch, and it melts with sports features that could also satisfy our daily need. With the 40.9mm case, it is both suitable for men and women. IW371401 is a perfect and precise watch, and the exquisite circular time scales could record the minor differences. The big dial does not have complex design, but is much more simpler. Dynamically, it is fitted with a Cal.79350 automatic winding movement with 44 hours of energy reserve and 30 meters of water-resistance. Its performance should go beyond doubt.

Rolex Daytona 116520-78590
Rolex Daytona has black and white dial that goes popular around the world, and it is considered the perfect one as Daytona has perfect performance on water-resistance and precision. It is solid, precise and could be automatically wound. This Daytona has strong color contrast on its dials. The shallow dial has gray bezel that is accurate to 1/8 seconds, and it provides a much more space for that, making the whole dial look more simple. It has three small counters on the dial; the 12 hour counter, 30 minutes counter and the small second counter. Considering the practical purpose, it is much more easy to be read, and Rolex Daytona has an excellent movement–4030 movement. In addition, it is fitted with the perpetual rotor which was developed in 1931 that could effectively save time in winding.