IWC Released Personal Watches

IWC, joining hands with Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg who both are the racer in the F1, launched 250 limited edition watches. Two racers will brief us on their personally designed watches and named after them. At meantime, IWC also claim that it will prolong its partnership with MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One(tm) Team.

In addition to the F1 race, two racers also have the same passion about the mechanical watches. As the brand ambassador, they designed their own watches. In a competition in Singapore, they reveal two watches in an event holding by IWC. Louis and Nico are have extraordinary characteristics, and both are successful in their career, they also have great innovation. The idea of initiating two watches emerges at the same time and suddenly draw their great attention. So I believe rare collectors can be immune to this two watches. Their cooperation work out: Ingenieur Lewis Hamilton special edition (IW379602) has a solid case and is loaded with modern technology.

Lewis Hamilton and the Design with Personality
A year ago. Lewis Hamilton paid a visit to IWC workshop and was impressed deeply by the innovation and astounding skills of technicians. “I was deeply impressed by technicians’ dedications on making watches. Their passion, and their proudness paved the way for IWC’s success”, sighed Lewis Hamilton with great feeling. Later, he and the team joined the creation and tried different materials and colors in the case. “I want a watch that looks technological”, said Lewis, “the carbon fiber dial, button, crown, protection, and screws reflects a high-tech materials that are found in the F1 cars “. Lewis Hamilton is particularly fond of steel bracelet, so they picked a titanium bracelet for Lewis Hamilton Special edition.

Early in 2004, IWC began their long-term relations with Benz and their cooperation will break the limit of mechanical exploration and the top techniques.