From the entry-level to top – recommendations on three classic Rolex watches

Rolex, the existence of a legend in the wrist watch industry, is featuring the grave, practical, not flashy style and widely loved by the successful personage, its watches are highly accurate and has high durability, in the circle of clocks and watches, rolex fans often use a word to describe rolex: once and for all. Here we are to recommend two watches from entry level to the senior level of the Rolex watches and hope you like them.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 116000 silver watch

Rolex entry-level watch with the public price of 42,500 RMB, you can get it with the discount price of less than 40,000RMB, wrist watch belongs to the introductory series of rolex, air king series, wrist watch case and bracelet are adopted the Rolex’s classic 904 l stainless steel material, continuing the rolex durable and solid quality, internal the watch it is carrying with rolex watch 3130 automatic winding movement, which still has good stability, starting with this rolex watch for your Rolex collection is indeed a good choice. The watch case size is in 36mm in diameter.

Rolex Daytona 116598 RBOW watch

Rolex has not complex watches with complex functions of minute repeater and Tourbillon, its Daydate watches all adopted the precious metal, which belong to the high end watch series. Here we are to recommend one of the Rolex Daytona watches, whose official number is 116598, because this watch is so famous, and the price is a little expensive than the normal Daydate watch. This Rolex Daytona 116598 RBOW watch also is favorable among the super stars. It is carrying with the Rolex homemade 4130 automatic winding movement, which is very accurate and durable. The watch case is 40mm in diameter and it is made of 18k yellow gold with diamonds and the watch strap is made of 18k yellow gold.