Bright Blue Big Bang-Hublot 346.CD.1800.LR.1901

Founding in the 1980th, Hublot is a famous brand but it does not possess such a long history comparing to other brands. But as the first watch that first combing rubber with precious metal and applied them to the watches, the appearance of Bright Blue Big Bang-Hublot 346.CD.1800.LR.1901 started a revolution in the watch industry. in 2004, J.C.Biver took control of Hublot and rolled out the thundering Bing bang series, then it starts its quantum leap in the watch industry. Big Bang successfully throws Hublot into the top watches line and today we are going to introduce one-Big Bang 346.CD.1800.LR.1901.

Big Bang 346.CD.1800.LR.1901 is an automatic watch with a 41 mm of bezel and is made of platinum and ceramics. Through the combination of different colors, Hublot expresses its remarkable visual impact of those watches. The body of case is made of black ceramics and has line patterns on it, so the watch itself looks more vivid. The outside of the bezel is processed with 18 k gold and covered with PDV coat. 48 square diamonds are set into a 6 screws, making the watch graceful. The material of the dial use the black ceramics materials and ornamented with black pattern. The rhodium-plated luminous hands run on the dial and black synthesis resin made of lug, sapphire and rubber band that made of blue alligator skin shapes this unique look.

The appearance of Hublot Big Bang 346.CD.1800.LR.1901 is just like its name that gives us visual impact. Black ceramics and 18 k white golden bezel and glaring diamonds on the bezel presents another visual feast. Although no complication can be seen on the watch, it points out the current date and has Hublot’s own movement that supports the whole watch, so basically, it has an outstanding performance in terms of every aspects.