2155 SIHH Cartier Astrotourbillon 9461 MC

Astrotourbillon is invented in 2012 by Cartier, and since its invention, peers struggle to study it. With the big and powerful dial, this Cartier Astrotourbillon 9461 MC becomes one of the most representative works among Cartier watches.

Born and Change of Astrotourbillon
In 2010, Cartier, through the Rotonde de Cartier Astrotourbilon watch, brought a brand-new idea. Tourbillon can not only limit to its single performance, namely, reducing the gravity, it can also be part of the beauty of the movement. Actually, comparing to the traditional tourbillon that moves around the axis, extended frame features this Astrotourbillon.

2014: Astroutourbillon secret
Cartier chooses sculpting way to re-express Astrotourbillon. It is exposed and has no connection with other mechanical components, thus it is able to present before us clearly. Its design and processing are reconsidered, and sticks to the severe standards, behind the aesthetic idea, Cartier bravely highlight the structure of the movement with its novel design, and makes disappear in the dial, to save the space for designers, which would be able to fully express the beauty of Astrotourbillon, and makes it run in a much big frequency. Main plate on 9461 movement is hollowed up, and there are only two Roman numbers could support it. In this unique structure, there bridges make up the movement, defines its appearance and support the whole mechanical structure.

Astrotourbillon Running In the Air
Not only in the mechanical structure, it also exists in the tourbillon frame. Actually, its extended shape could increase the spinning, which reminds us of the running orbit in the air. It combines the novel design and great arts to together, reflecting Rotonde de Cartier Astrotourbillon’s aggression in the watch market. No matter from the aesthetic perspective or technical perspective, it fulls of imagination and creation, which is a major breakthrough among Cartier high-end watches.